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daily features

Daily features engage users with day to day community affairs, offer convenient access to community services and promote social engagement.


Applicable Daily Features make it easy for staff to create content, format and print content and or use our mobile app for convenient tasks relevant to the feature.    

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“Residents don’t want or need the complexity that comes with so many tech products,”   Baik said. According to the National Council on Aging survey, a third of seniors say not understanding how to use technology is a barrier to adopting it. Because simplicity is so important, The Resident Portal was also designed for the iPad, the first such senior living industry app to be built purposely for that device. “We wanted to leverage the Apple experience, with its ease-of-use and beautiful interface,” Baik said. "The Resident Portal is a one of a kind solution for any senior living community."

Gina Baik - National Director of Innovation and Resident Technology

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