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  • News
    The News feature is the communities online Newsletter. News stories can be placed in community created news categories and are searchable by keyword. News stories are displayed in large font or can be read aloud using the Listen function or Alexa. (As with most Daily Features.) Staff tools make it easy to post stories with pictures, slide shows or videos and or link them to documents or websites. Select publish and unpublish dates to easily keep the News feature current and engaging for any user group.
  • Activities
    The Activities feature displays the weekly community activities and events assigned to the user group. View activities up to 3 months out. Select to only display activities by categories the community has created. Users can print formatted monthly activity calendar for all activities or by category. If using the Wellness feature, activities that have transpired display a check box for users to mark attendance and receive credit towards their monthly wellness goal. The activity detail page displays all the relevant information and a picture as well as shows others currently signed up for the activity. There’s an automated waitlist and an icon to sign up. Those signed up receive an email and or phone text reminder an hour prior to the activity. Activities staff tools are a game changer for saving time, simultaneously keeping several calendars up to date and formatting activity calendars for print. Create or edit activities in seconds, use point and click options for Location, Wellness, Category, Organizer, Owner. Allow sing up residents and or gusts of residents for special events. The Repeat function allows for any type of customized repeating schedule for an activity can be posted to the calendar. Activity Spotlight automatically presents activities the community wants to promote on digital displays and TV feeds and on the home-page Info Box of the web version. Our mobile app makes it easy and fast to take activity attendance that generate 3 helpful activity reports and more.
  • Groups
    Groups introduces residents to community social, hobby or business groups organized by staff or residents. It allows access to Member lists, Group Activities, Forums, Documents designated for non-member access, and the ability to contact the group organizer with questions or to join.
  • Dining
    The Dining feature displays all dining options with a description and slide show as well as an optional webpage for more detail. It allows residents to make reservations, get reservation reminders, order meals for takeout or delivery and allows communities to include popular local restaurants to advertise and accept reservations an or orders via the communities Resident Portal. Dining staff tools function as a first class restaurant style reservation, seating, ordering, kitchen, server, billing and reporting system including mobile app ordering, kitchen kiosks, seating and order toggling, server and to go order pin code access stations and too many other options to list here other than to mention it can integrate with other billing systems if needed. From formatting menus to print to a restaurant management system, you decide how you want the Dining feature to function.
  • Directory
    The Directory is the community’s social engagement hub where residents browse or use text word search find other residents with shared interests. The Directory is used by most clients as a resident directory but also allows for a family user directory as well as other directories, you decide. Residents can create their own Profile using a picture or Avatar, contact info is desired, and answer questions created by the community. Users can also post memoirs they create from the My Life feature to their directory page to augment their profile. Residents can send a “Friend Request” as an introduction to other residents to allow further communication, or communities can allow messaging directly from the Directory.
  • Services
    Services allow residents to make reservations, create appointments or sign up for services at your community and have them automatically posted to their My Calendar. The feature saves service providers time and offers a platform for services to manage reservations, appointments and more. Services can range from anything from tennis courts, salons, meeting rooms, transportation, and offers a solution to work with any kind of community service. For larger communities, connect with local businesses to have them advertise on your portal and allow reservations and appointments directly from residents via the community Resident Portal.
  • Media
    Use Media to engage users through videos, slideshows, pictures and even connect to live webcams. Create topics from healthcare education, to last weeks community party photos to YouTube funny animal videos. The staff interface is easy to use and manage as much media as you want.
  • Forums
    Use Forums to create an interactive Bulletin Board / Internal Social Networking Platform based on categories created by the community from For Sale to Recipes to Current Events. You decide (staff and or resident) who can start a Forum post with a picture and or slide show to any category. Subsequent posts to any topic by a user is displayed and all who have previously posted to the topic conversation string are alerted when someone else in the conversation string replies.
  • Documents
    Community Documents engage users with documents pertinent to them. Post monthly newsletters, meeting minutes, evacuation procedures, health articles, community regulations, or whatever you like. You decide the categories and post as many documents as you like. While the system can accept any type of document, we suggest documents be PDF so all users can open them regardless of their computer or device operating system.
  • Concierge
    Concierge is a customizable request system specific to each user group. The system creates an Open Ticket and delivers the request to the appropriate staff member(s). Use the Concierge for maintenance requests, transportation requests, meeting requests or any requests you deem advantageous for your user groups. Communication back and forth as "Request Status" options are moved to completion and Open Tickets become Closed Tickets. Concierge offers users additional convenience and helps staff manage the requests of residents and other users.

Entertainment features exercise minds, are fun and can be used alone or with others in a group or activity setting.

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