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Resident Portal allows communities to select the features they want. There is no extra charge per feature, use 3 or 30 features the monthly fee stays the same. Upon setup we’ll customize your selected features to be used as simply or robustly as needed. Subsequent features are likewise customized when added and at no cost. New features are continually developed and also available at no cost so clients are assured access to the best Engagement Technologies available.

daily features

Daily features engage users with day to day community affairs, offer convenient access to community services and promote social engagement.

personal features

Personal features are personal to each user and offer a variety of wellness, communication and system customization options.


Entertainment features exercise minds, are fun, and can be used alone or with others in a group or activity setting.

staff tools

Staff Feature tools allow appropriate staff access to the user group database and a variety of communication, reporting and management tools.

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