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About Us

About Us

Dear Potential Client,


Sitelligence was founded as a technology development company. Version 1.0 of the Resident Portal was created in 2009. Over the past 10 years Sitelligence has been at the forefront of Engagement Technology. Sitelligence developed several features now considered industry standard, introduced the first industry iPad app and continually released new features and versions of The Resident Portal. Our priority was, and still is, to meet or exceed the demands of our clients. The Resident Portal has been implemented in hundreds of communities in every imaginable scenario.

A couple years ago we began to see a steady increase in demand for a variety of Engagement Technologies. Today’s residents and staff are technically savvy, communities compete by offering more amenities and the demand for Engagement Technology has skyrocketed. Like Wifi technology, Engagement Technology was once considered a luxury amenity and is now a standard amenity all communities need as confirmed by statistics and polling.

Version 7.0 was designed to eliminate barriers many communities face when considering Engagement Technology. Lengthy and costly needs analysis and customization, burdensome implementation and integration, high fees without a guarantees and the general unknown all impede what could and should be an easy decision for any community or company. We spent over a year developing Version 7.0 and are confident it will keep Sitelliegnce at the forefront of Engagement Technology for years to come. 

Please contact me directly if you have any questions and I look forward to the opportunity to earn your business. 

Thank you, 


Steve Zasio


Sitelligence LLC

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