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How It Works



The Resident Portal uses proprietary architecture allowing clients to easily engage a variety of user groups at once. Features are assigned, customized, and content automatically displayed according to the needs of each user group. Staff tools streamline daily tasks, eliminate repetitive tasks and ensure all groups experience unique engagement. Companies with multiple communities receive a free corporate portal for communication and administrative access to community portals.


The Resident Portal  is accessed via any web browser and or free Apple iOS and Android mobile apps that include several staff tools designed for mobile use. Amazon's Alexa integration helps those with dexterity problems or those who want the ultimate convenience including Echo Show 5 display integration. Use our formatted templates or our Digital Display Builder to create unlimited customized Digital Displays, Touchscreen Kiosk and Cable TV feeds.      

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The Resident Portal offers dozens of in demand features developed to be used as robustly or simply as needed, you decide. There is an API and we can integrate with a variety of popular community systems. There are Daily Features, Personal Features, Entertainment Features and  Staff Feature Tools. Read or watch videos for details about available features here.    



The Resident Portal architecture facilitates a contemporary A B C step implementation and training protocol that’s purposeful in design and eliminates traditional pitfalls of outmoded processes. Using Throttled Feature Release best practices, regardless of number of communities and features, you'll find working with us easy and successful. There are additional training and support videos and live help available 24/7.      



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The Resident Portal allows any community access to best in class Engagement Technologies without the barrier of cost. Monthly fees for a single community range from $199 to $499 a month and there is a setup fee equal to your monthly fee. There are no other fees. The Resident Portal is the only solution designed to diminish your monthly fee by at least half, or eliminate it entirely or even make a small profit each month. Ask us how when you schedule a demonstration.    

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