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Senior Living
Community Management.

The Resident Portal integrated platform offers Senior Living communities an effective and efficient solution for non-clinical operations. 

The Resident Portal includes the most highly functional features available.


Our unique architecture leverages on demand customization and permissions so each feature meets the needs of each user group of your community.



Engage Residents, Family, Staff and Prospects. Community Features include News, Activities, Directory, Groups, Forums, Surveys, Announcements, Media, Documents, Entertainment, and more. Personal Features include Messaging, Calendar, Wellness, My Life Memoirs, My Account, Notifications, and more.

Communities and Residents

+ 180 Communities

+ 30,000 Residents

+ 12,000 Families

Activities and Events

+ 20,000 Daily Activities

+ 1,000 Daily Meal Orders

+ 1,500 Daily Wellness Trackers 

Digital Displays and TV's 

+ 150 Digital Displays

+ 50 Touchscreen Kiosks

+ 50 Resident TV Feeds

Customer Satisfaction

98% Satisfaction Rate

+ 3 New Clients Monthly 

+ 1 Version 7.0 New Clients Monthly 

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