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Tablet and Lock Down

To complete Setup you will want to be in front of a computer with the Tablet. You will need to have the Tablet connected to the Internet using the Wi-Fi connection it will be using when people Sign In and add the Network name and password to the list of Networks on the Tablet. To add the Network to the tablet, go to the tablet Settings, select the Connections icon, select the Wi-Fi icon, scroll to the bottom and select Add Network, then add the Network name and Security password. 

Next, from the Tablet Settings menu, scroll down and select the About tablet icon, and write down the Tablet Serial Number. Usually an 11 digits of numbers and letters. You will need this later. 

Next, you will need a Google Account to download the Hexnode MDM (Mobile Device Management) UEM App from the Google Play Store. If you do not have a Google Account, from Settings go to Accounts and backup, select Accounts, then select Add Account, then Google, and follow the instructions to create the Google Account.   

Once this is complete you are ready to get started, the Setup process takes about 10 minutes per tablet.

Watch the video and or use it as a guide, starting and stopping the video as needed as it goes through the following steps.


Step 1

On your tablet open the Google Play Store and download the app called Hexnode MDM (Mobile Device Management).

Step 2

Open the app and when prompted, enter the server name, then AGREE to the License Agreement.

Step 3

One by one, Enable the following permissions.

      Device Administration

      Usage Access

      Draw Over Apps

      Write System Settings

      Notification Access

      Allow App Installation

Step 4

Click Allow to a pop ups for Location, Storage and Device   permissions. Activate VPN then Knox Privacy Notice when prompted.

Step 5

WAIT. Your device will take a minutes to be enrolled as a Default User. When prompted setup Remote View and then setup Remote home page.

Step 6

WAIT. Your device will Launch The Sitelligence Resident Portal/TRACKER App automatically, then write down the 6 digit Mobile Code on the App homepage. You will need it later.

Step 7

Next, from your computer, go to the URL provided by Sitelligence of your community The Resident Portal and login using your Username and Password.


Step 8

From the homepage navigate to and select Tracker Setup. You may find it directly on the menu or you may need to first select Admin, then Setup, Tracker Setup depending on your Resident Portal User permissions.


Next, on the right of the page select Add Device for the heading Sign In/Out Devices.


On the next page assign a name of the device, usually the location. Below, turn ON the User Types that will appear on the Tablet and to be screened by this Tablet. In this scenario the Tablet will be used for screening Visitors and Vendors only. Then select Save.

Back on the main screen, select Mobile Code for the device you just created.












Step 9

In the spaces provided add the Mobile Code and the Tablet Serial Number and select Connect.










​​Step 10

Wait 60 seconds. From the main screen you will see the the device is ONLINE and also see your tablet display your TRACKER Welcome screen, THE App is LOCKED DOWN on tablet and ready to use.

Repeat this process for each Tablet you wan to setup.

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