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Sitelligence does not endorse any of the hardware below, we simply makes it easy to order the necessary hardware for your TRACKER Kiosks via Amazon and or other providers listed below. Of course you can obtain Android or Fire Tablets, IR Thermometers, Pedestals or Stands from anywhere you choose. The optional Printer is the only piece of hardware we mandate must be used as we have done the necessary integration needed for it to print name badges automatically with TRACKER. 


Infrared Thermometers and Stands

Infrared Thermometers like the ones listed below are in high demand and sell out quickly. If a link to a specific Thermometer is sold out, a search on the Amazon site for "Infrared Thermometers" will bring up dozens of other options. Infrared Thermometers can also be found at most medical device suppliers these days.

Thermometers that are labeled for "Forehead" can also be used for taking accurate temperate readings from the wrist if in a location for people coming in from the outside. We have not listed here nor do not recommend Thermo Camera devices for accurate body temperature reading unless specifically designed for it and reflected the the cost of the device. 

Name Badge Printer

Use Standard Shipping Labels / DYMO SKU 30323 or compatible /  2 1/8" x 4"  

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